Max’s passion for photography kicked off when he started an internship with a renowned, internationally booked fashion photographer based in Frankfurt.

This unique experience and exciting atmosphere left only one conclusion:
Stop your communication and media management studies and take a leap of faith! Get involved and immerse yourself in the field of photography,  all its facets and diversified subjects. Total commitment!

Maximilian consequentially studied photography.
To get close to the action he relocated to Berlin. Pulse, vibe and an ever changing scenery inspires a creative clique to the present day.

Max’s motifs are characterized by vibrant colors, exceptional atmosphere and intricate lighting. The keen eye for detail and freezing dynamic movement is his unique signature.

Maximilian has established his individual footprint and dynamic vibe in the fashion industry with publications such as:
Indie Mag, Interview.de, MyTheresa, L’Officiel.de, Spex, Kaltblut, Smart, BEBE, AikYou, Zalando, Our/Berlin, as well as fashion designers, lifestyle brands and fine artists.


– Commercial portfolio upon request –

Maximilian L. Mouson
Utrechter Str. 24
13347 – Berlin / Germany

+49 (0) 176 235 772 18